IberBlue Wind has announced La Pinta, its second floating offshore wind farm to be located off the coast of Granada and Almeria, with an installed capacity of 990MW.

The wind farm will be built with an estimated investment of more than €2.5bn ($2.71bn). It is expected to be powered by up to 55 turbines, each with 18MW of capacity.

The project is expected to create more than 3,300 jobs.

When operational, it will generate enough clean energy to power more than 670,000 Spanish homes.

The floating offshore wind farm will be located between 15–35km from the coast, covering an area of 316km².

The name is a tribute to Christopher Columbus, as one of the three caravels he used on his first trip to America was named La Pinta.

The developer has submitted the initial project document, which includes the technical characteristics, to Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

IberBlue Wind stakeholder engagement & policy director Julio Vera said: “Andalusia is a key area for offshore wind development in Spain. It has a great wind resource, good infrastructure and potential capacity to become a benchmark for this kind of project.

“The coasts of Granada and Almeria have favourable conditions for offshore wind farms, although it will be necessary to reinforce the electricity network in the surrounding area to take all the energy generated.”

The developer plans to use a new, innovative floating offshore technology in the wind farm’s development.

The carbon-free energy generation project will support the Spanish Government’s goal of realising 1–3GW of installed wind energy by 2030.

Besides creating jobs, the project execution will also bring economic opportunities locally.

IberBlue is engaging with the Junta de Andalucía regional government, town halls, associations and representative bodies of the area.