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Annabel is a staff writer across energy titles, with degrees in History and International Journalism.

Annabel Cossins-Smith

Holosolis to build 5GW solar PV module assembly plant in France

The plant will produce solar modules for three markets: residential rooftop panels, commercial and industrial scale rooftop panels, and agrivoltaics modules.

France to offer tax credit for renewable technology investment

The French government seeks to boost investment in renewable technologies in an attempt to compete with subsidies and tax breaks offered by the IRA.

Engie first quarter profits surge on high power prices

The company’s EBIT excludes nuclear power as it prepares to exit the industry and focus on its natural gas assets.

Regional board approves two wind turbines for Koehler Renewable Energy project in Germany

Preparation work for construction is scheduled for autumn and will see two wind turbines erected in the German town of Lich.

AW-Energy to produce green hydrogen from wave power in Namibia

Namibia is aiming to become a green hydrogen superpower in the coming decade by positioning itself as an international exporter of green hydrogen.

Duke Energy falls short on first quarter profit estimates

Warmer-than-usual weather in the American south over the winter period resulted in lowered demand, weighing on supply distribution.

Tesla breaks ground on Texas lithium refinery

The facility will make Tesla the only major automaker in North America that also refines its own lithium.

“How to achieve circularity”: the future of wind turbine recycling

Making wind power truly sustainable will mean recycling turbine blades, and finding new ways to treat the resins that create them.

Shell joins Danish renewable island project

The announcement follows a memorandum of understanding signed by Shell in June last year to join the project.

European Commission and CDP give $110m to Eni for electric charging networks

The network, currently slated for operations by 2025, is expected to be one of the largest in Europe.