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Kit Million Ross is a Features Writer for GlobalData's energy division, having previously written about LGBTQ+ news and the finance sector. They have a passion for new technology and advancements in clean energy.

Kit Million Ross

Could space-based solar power finally be in reach?

For years, space based solar power has seemed like a distant dream. Kit Million Ross explores the recent innovations that may finally bring this idea to reality.

“The world needs to embrace a suite of solutions”: Divert on tackling food waste and climate change

Kit Million Ross hears from Divert CEO Ryan Begin about an innovative solution to the twin crises of food waste and climate change.

Ethical Power breaks ground on Conrad Energy’s Herefordshire solar farm

Conrad will develop its first renewable power facility, the 45MW Larport solar farm

Yorkshire battery energy storage system marks official opening

The £75m facility will begin to close the gap in UK battery storage capacity.

UK grid operator paying millions for lack of offshore wind transmission capacity

Lack of cable infrastructure prevents consumers using available energy.

UKAEA issues £3.1m of fusion contracts for commercial development

This funding will help develop private sector commercial fusion technology in the UK.

UK energy price cap dips, but consumers still face rising costs

The falling energy price cap may look like good news, but withdrawing government support will cause energy bill woes for many.