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Nuclear-powered cloud: Is the industry ready for nuclear investment?

Elliot Gardner asks if a nuclear-powered cloud computing facility in the US could be a proving ground for nuclear investment in the cloud.

Can we predict technology’s impact on the energy market?

What are the challenges and opportunities involved in finding better ways to judge the strengths and weaknesses of competing energy technologies, and how can good data improve how the world moves forward with them? Elliot Gardner speaks to MIT professor Jessika Trancik, who specialises in evaluating energy technologies and their potential to address energy and climate needs, to find out.

Solar Together London: will this new strategy light up the capital?

The Mayor of London recently launched Solar Together London, a group buying scheme which will help households and small businesses get solar panels installed on their homes and buildings. With help from local authorities, the scheme will buy the panels and install them, hopefully kick starting a solar boom. But will it work and will it turn around a glaring gap in domestic solar?

East African hydropower: the full impact of Voith’s new hub

Technology group Voith has opened a new hub in Addis Ababa to help coordinate hydropower projects in nine countries across East Africa, where the company sees significant growth and economic benefits. Elliot Gardner spoke to the company to hear what it hopes the hub will achieve, and to learn what solutions can be found to the deeply controversial nature of several projects in the region.

Talking tidal as MeyGen kicks into gear

This March, Atlantis Resources announced that construction had been completed on Phase 1A of the MeyGen project, the world’s largest tidal power plant, and that the project has now formally entered its 25-year operations phase. So what will MeyGen do, and will similar projects soon follow?